Dear Auke and Frank,

Sarnelli logo newI hope this finds you well. We are very grateful for the donation we received yesterday from Angelique and Ben Ummels. Thank you to everyone at Olleke Bolleke radio station and Mister Panda restaurant for their kindness. We know that these are not easy times to be raising money so we appreciate the effort made by you all.
It has been a very difficult year for everyone in Thailand but hopefully things will improve in 2022. All of our staff and older children have been double vaccinated now so we are hopeful that we have avoided the worst of the Covid crisis. We have been very fortunate that the virus has not yet reached our houses as it could be very dangerous for some of our children with weak immune systems. The school situation has been very hard for our children too, as it has been for children all over the world. Every time the schools open again, there is another outbreak of Covid in the city or a nearby village and the students have to study online. This has been very difficult for them as many of them struggle at school. But we are optimistic that things can get better.
We are also looking forward to the country opening its borders again. You must be too! We have had no visitors for over a year now and the children miss having volunteers here to help to entertain and play with them. They miss Angelique and Ben the most as they have been coming here for many years and all of the children know them well.
Thank you all again for your kindness. We appreciate support from everyone, but it is always encouraging to receive such generosity from within Thailand. I hope you and your families have escaped the worst of Covid 19 and that normal life can resume soon. Maybe you might visit us one day, when Angelique and Ben eventually get back here.
Kind regards,
Brian O'Riordan
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